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A burgeoning business conglomerate

With more than 50 years of collective experience across sectors such as Petroleum & Gas, Investments & Securities, Real Estate, Fertilizer Processing, Mining, Menthol Production, and Bicycles Manufacturing, Dantata Organization has been excelling in expanding its business footprint globally.

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Excelling in expanding its business footprint globally.

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Flourishing through diverse service portfolios

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A conglomerate of services and products

Creating a niche in many sectors is aligned with our ideology.

Dantata Organization Ltd is a conglomerate of services and products across a widening array of industries in Nigeria and beyond., we are extremely service-oriented and customer-centric. Therefore, our success as a burgeoning business conglomerate is that we focus of building our service verticals with the help of agile and actionable strategies which support us in delivering excellence in our performance and customer service. Moreover, it is our hands-on approach which guides us to simultaneously achieve our business objectives as well as focus on continuous improvement by means of proactive knowledge and skills sharing throughout our business ecosystem which is pillared by innovation, collaboration and progression.


Excelling across its different service verticals

Going forward, Dantata Organization aims to continue this growth-focused outlook in its service brackets, and build itself into a brand that is synonymous with innovation and prosperous outreach.



Dantata House
66/67 Murtala Mohammed Way, Kano,
P.O. Box 84, Kano State, Nigeria

+2347063862677, +2348034510888


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Dantata Investments & Securities Company Ltd.

Dantata Investments & Securities Company Ltd. marked the organization’s foray in the financial investment’s category. Since incorporation as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1975, Dantata Investments & Securities Company Ltd. has been investing in various blue-chip companies across different sectors, thereby creating its own investment portfolio in alignment with market conditions and its own financial objectives.


Express Petroleum & Gas Company Limited

Exploring the potential of the oil and gas industry had been a part of Dantata Organization Ltd business plan since the very beginning. As the parent company began to expand, establishing a presence in the industry was in the pipeline for many years. Finally, it happened.


Dantata Properties Development and Management Co. Ltd.

The merits of Dantata Property Development and Management Co. Ltd have been well-recognized in the private sector and the governmental domain. As a result, the company has acquired a growing list of clients, and has worked on building a combination of highly aesthetic and innovation-friendly institutions in Nigeria.


Fertilizer Processing Co. Ltd (FEPCO)

Incorporated in 1990, FEPCO’s inception coincided with the parent company’s intention to diversify its business interests further, and enter the fast-developing fertilizers processing market domain.


Associated Mining Industries Limited

After becoming a part of the main services portfolio in 1975, the subsidiary firm has gone on to create its own distinctive reputation and market value as a specialist contractor in the business of products such as prospectors, developers, purifiers, and/or otherwise dealer of all types of minerals and oils, hydrocarbon, etc. Associated Mining Industries Limited has established expertise in onshore and offshore assignments.


Mentholatum Nigeria Plc

Striving to lead through innovation and insightful research and development, the company specializes in producing a wide-range of powerful, fast relief products for the treatment of different bodily aches, pains, and illnesses.


Raleigh Industries Nigeria Plc

Catering to the surging demand for bicycles, the subsidiary firm has been formed to use high-quality raw-materials to design, develop and produce affordable bicycles for the Nigerian public.


A & A Technologies DMCC

This subsidiary was formed to support Dantata Organization and its subsidiaries to implant its business presence. The company’s primary services lineup is categorized into three verticals IT Consultation, Web Design / Web Development IT services, and Software Development.


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