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About Us

Dantata Organization Ltd is a conglomerate of services and products across a widening array of industries in Nigeria and beyond.



Dantata House
66/67 Murtala Mohammed Way, Kano,
P.O. Box 84, Kano State, Nigeria

+2347063862677, +2348034510888


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A burgeoning business conglomerate

Dantata Organization Ltd is a conglomerate of services and products across a widening array of industries in Nigeria and beyond. With expansion plans implemented in Saudi Arabia, and others in process, we are well on our way to amplifying our business footprint not just across different sectors but countries as well.

Spearheaded by a progressive leadership and business paradigm, we have acquired a miscellany between industrial experience and organization finesse, and as a result, the business and brand have been flourishing through diverse service portfolios in domains such as Petroleum & Gas, Investments & Securities, Real Estate, Fertilizer Processing, Mining, Menthol Production, and Bicycles Manufacturing.

Creating a niche in many sectors is aligned with our ideology that lays emphasis on investing and reinvesting company’s resources in building a broader company portfolio with products and services which are in-demand, and help customers meet their needs and requirements.

We excel in using latest processes and procedures across its different service verticals to achieve desired targets and profits on a year-on-year basis. The company’s growth and opportunity-rich business culture is populated with a diverse workforce that is devoted to using the company’s various services and products to not just surpass or outperform market competitors, but in fact make meaningful and profitable contributions towards creating a better tomorrow for the users of today and future generations.

We have witnessed different kinds of market conditions and industry scenarios, and the highs and lows have enabled us to become an expert in showing resilience, and demonstrate business and profitability endurance through clear-cut strategy planning and implementation for long-term and short-term opportunities and risks.

The ability to strike a fine balance between commercial progressive thought and staying close to the ground realities has made us become a business jewel in the country’s economic landscape.

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About Us

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"To transition the economic growth of Nigeria through strategic private sector business development and revolutionized eco-systems”


“To nurture the evolution of private sector development of Nigeria through a customer-centric business model that values innovation, growth and sustainability”


Dantata Organization Ltd. operates of its core values



Upholding responsibility towards sustainable business practices.


Employing innovative practices that leads business operations to excellence.


Commitment to build and retain our customer trust in our brand and services.


Honoring commitments to business partners and customers ethically.
- Management.

Aminu Alhassan Dantata

The inception and expansion of Dantata Organization has been made possible because of Mr. Aminu Alhassan Dantata who is the Founder and Chairman of the organization. He has used his vision and valor to champion the success and growth of the company, and stayed relentless in his pursuit for excellence – every step of the way.

Hailing from a family of business-minded individuals, Mr. Aminu Alhassan Dantata, born in 1931 in Kano State – Nigeria, an astute business man, a philanthropist and a man whose dedication to family is worthy of emulation. Highly regarded in Nigeria’s public and business circles, he has been an enduring participant in promoting Nigeria’s growth and development as a nation. Amongst his long lineup of achievements and honors, Mr. Aminu Alhassan Dantata has been publicly recognized by the former President of Nigeria, His Excellency, Olusegun Obasanjo, who conferred him with the coveted title of Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (OFRN). His well-intended philanthropy efforts in education earned him an appointment as first Chancellor of Katsina State University on 27th October, 2007.


Founder and Chairman

Tajuddeen Aminu Dantata

Second in-command is Mr. Tajuddeen Aminu Dantata who is a widely-travelled business personality in his own right. Mr. Tajuddeen has mastered the ropes of doing business and managing it exceptionally well. Because of the amount of business exposure and experience he has, Mr. Tajuddeen is well-versed in tackling opportunities and challenges of business with aplomb.

Born and bred in Kano State of Nigeria, he commenced his educational graph in his native town before migrating to Alexandria, Egypt where he completed his pre-university years. Later, between 1984 and 1988, he attended West London University, West Minster, London UK, where he obtained his Associate of Business Executive Certificate in 1988. That same year, he joined Dantata Organization as Group Director and later moved up the ladder in 1994 to his current position as the Group Managing Director.

When he is not occupied in executing his organizational role and responsibilities, Mr. Tajuddeen enjoys his time off by playing sports – his love and passion for the Polo sport is well-known; he has won numerous honors too.


Group Managing Director

Abubakar Sadik Aminu Dantata

Mr. Abubakar Sadik Aminu Dantata joined the business in 2005, and has since evolved in role, responsibility and seniority through the company’s ranks. Besides his current designation, his role history in the company has seen him become the Managing Director of Express Petroleum and Gas Company Limited, where he has been coordinating the activities and affairs of the company in all the zeal and dedication endeared by his training and worthy personal experiences.

Born in Kano State, Mr. Abubakar’s academic pedigree has seen him travel to the United Kingdom and United States. He is an alumnus of the Victoria College UK where he obtained his Associate of Business Certificate in 1995. Also, he enrolled Miami Dade Community College in 1991 and in 1995 obtained Bachelor of Arts degree in Internal Relations. The same year, he enrolled at Florida Internal University USA and also obtained another Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology.


Deputy Group Managing Director

Hassan Aminu Dantata

Mr. Hassan Aminu Dantata is positioned as the Director and also the Managing Director of the Fertilizer Processing Company Limited. His industrial acumen and caliber are reflected in the fact that he is a Board Member of Nova Care Limited, Funtua Oil Mill Limited and Kaduna Electric among others. Educated abroad in the USA, Mr. Hassan’s dynamic business sharp-mindedness has proven itself to be an asset in many of the company’s key decisions and strategies.


Managing Director

Mustapha Abdullahi Junaidu



Principal Personal Secretary

Eminent leaders, managers, and employees supporting it through each and every endeavor.

The biggest business secret of an organization is the team that runs and manages it. Dantata Organization Ltd continues to be very fortunate to have a crew of visionaries and talent who possess the character and caliber which has collectively been responsible in shaping the business and brand that Dantata Organization Ltd has become – nationally, regionally and globally.

The organizational hierarchy is emphasized with a transformational leadership model – where the onus is on all organizational actors to continually grow, develop and become better with each opportunity and challenge. Dantata Organization Ltd continues to be incredible because it has a credible force of eminent leaders, managers, and employees supporting it through each and every endeavor.

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